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Campus Carry (House Bill 280)

The University System of Georgia has issued guidance on how to implement House Bill 280, which is more commonly known as the “campus carry” legislation. This new law, signed by the Governor, took effect July 1, 2017.

It is the responsibility of the licensees to know the law and how to abide by it.

Here are guidelines developed by the Office of Legal Affairs for the implementation of House Bill 280 that must be followed on all University System campuses:

This site also has the original language of the bill.

CSU-specific Q&A

Q:  So, after July 1, 2017, where on the CSU campus are handguns still prohibited?
A:  The Lumpkin Center; all residence halls; all faculty and staff offices; rooms where discipline hearings are held; classrooms where a high school student is in the class

Q:  Where on the CSU campus can I carry a concealed handgun?
A:  On any property owned or leased by Columbus State University unless subject to a specific exception under the law, as explained in the guidelines found at

Q:  Does the new law allowing the carrying of a concealed handgun include spaces such as our Space Science Center, Cunningham Center and the Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center?
A:  Yes – the new law will apply to any property owned or leased by CSU.

Q:  Can a faculty member set their own rules about handguns in their classroom?
A:  No. This is state law. Failure to follow state law could result in disciplinary procedures.

Q:  What if see a handgun in my classroom or on campus?
A:  If you see a gun and feel threatened in any way, you should call University Police at 706-507-8911

Q:  If I want to carry a handgun into a classroom, how do I know if there is a high school student also in the class?
A:  It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure they are not breaking the law. You should call the University Registrar to check if your class contains any high school students. You can also check this by clicking on your schedule in MyCSU. 

Q:  What about spaces such as the cafeteria, where children are present during summer camps – are handguns prohibited there?
A:  No, the new law does not provide an exception for spaces merely because children are present. Handguns are not permitted in a preschool and daycare, which are not available at CSU.

Q:  What if there is a class going on in the Rec Center that includes a high school student?
A:  Then, during the time of that class, in the room where that class is held, a concealed weapon is prohibited.

Q:  Does this mean I will see handguns in holsters on people’s hips on campus?
A:  No. “Open carry” is still illegal on a college campus. This law applies to handguns that are not prominently, openly, and intentionally displayed.

Q:  Will there be signs up around campus saying where guns are allowed and prohibited?
A:  No. It is the responsibility of license-holders to seek out this information.

Q:  Can faculty members make announcements in their class about whether there is a high school student present?
A:  No. Federal privacy laws prevent disclosing that kind of information. The Provost’s office is, however, working on language that can be included course syllabi, and we are also looking for ways to make it more obvious on class rolls so faculty can easily access that information.

Q:  Can I now just bring my handgun to campus?
A:  The new law went into effect July 1, 2017 and applies to those with legal concealed carry permits. Georgia law requires anyone seeking a state permit to carry a concealed gun to be at least 21 years old. Applicants also must be fingerprinted and pass a background check.

Q:  Will CSU provide lockers where I can lock up my gun as I move from someplace where my gun is allowed to another space where it is prohibited?
A:  No. Complying with the new law is the responsibility of license-holders.

Q:  Can faculty and staff bring handguns to their offices?
A:  No. The new law explicitly excludes faculty, staff and administrative offices from places where handguns can be carried.

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